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Start your journey to your TRUE happiness by discovering the obstacles that are in your way! Download your free guide:

5 things in the way of Your True Happiness, for people who have tried everything! With Photo of Sonia Weyers.


Hi! I am Sonia Weyers, Your Happiness Guide. My mission is to empower you to experience your true happiness by guiding you to discover your keys to living in harmony with yourself and your environment, so that you can finally Experience Your TRUE Happiness!

I founded Eudokima to carry out all my activities and thereby contribute to the awakening of human consciousness and to put people in motion towards a better world on a sustainable planet.

So What's A Happiness Guide?

But first, I know this image might seem bland and boring but it carries special meaning for me. It is The River Gambia. I was in The Gambia to spend Christmas with my oldest daughter after a tough year of caring for my parents. Se we're sitting facing this river and had just ordered beers when my son called his sister to announce that my mom had just passed away.

So when I talk about Happiness, I don’t mean a miracle or impossible state of bliss with no more problems forever.

No, no, no! The notion of happiness that I invite you to go after is one that is realistic and in agreement with life as it occurs!
Happiness that is compatible with everything that could happen.

I know that’s easier said than done and that’s exactly why I’m there to guide you!

My offer to you:

So that you can be Your Genuine Self, UNAPOLOGETICALLY and finally Experience Your TRUE Happiness!

Group support

Experience Your TRUE Happiness

An online community in which I will guide and support you to Experience Your TRUE Happiness. A private Facebook Group, two online calls a month and regular new content.
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Private support


Together we embark on an in-depth exploration and the discovery of avenues to live better. I welcome you individually, as a couple, or as a family
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Speaking online

About happiness

My interactive talks are designed to inspire you to the possibility of true happiness. My newest talk is titled « How to Reconcile Happiness and Uncertainty. »
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In English and In French

« Happiness Now! A Guided Journey » My first personal development book guides you through a deep exploration of how you live your life and how to live it better.
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But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?

Albert Camus

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