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Miracle Morning workshop for INSEAD staff

How to wake up all your cells and start your day on all cylinders.

On January 25th 2018, Sonia Weyers, founder of Eudokima addressed 60 INSEAD staff-members during one of their well-being lunch hours. Sonia led an interactive workshop based on Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning.

This practice has become all the rage since the book by the same name came out in 2012. (It also came out in French in 2016). It is a specific morning routine following the acronym SAVERS and comprised of six separate actions, which are detailed below.

The objective of a morning routine is to be able to better tackle your day. Different people have different needs and so may look for different things in a morning routine. The advantage of SAVERS is that covers all bases.

It all starts with your intention, the objective you are pursuing by changing your morning habits. Without a clear intention, nothing will happen.

The elements of SAVERS can help you in the following ways:

S – Silence or Meditation brings many benefits but, in short, consider it as training to master your attention, with relaxing effects.

Meditate, you will focus better and be less stressed.

A – Affirmations help to reaffirm your intentions, to replace some of your limiting beliefs.  It is important that they seem credible to you.

Open up to an experience more in line with your aspirations.

V – Visualization, when you really imagine yourself in a setting where you have reached your goals, gives the message to your subconscious that it is possible. Studies of basketball players show that visualizing free shots is almost as effective as training 20 minutes a day.

Pave the path to your goals, by visualizing them!

E – Exercising, in the morning, pumps your blood and contributes not only to waking you up but to stimulating your organs and your muscles.

Add an extra dose of vitality to your day.

R – Reading activates your neo-cortex. It is also an opportunity to develop or to learn. Personally I read Cerveau et Psycho, a 100-page monthly magazine, in 10 minutes of reading a day.

What are YOU going to read thanks to your morning routine?

S – Scribing or writing your reflections helps to clarify them. When you practice these introspective activities, you will almost surely find new awareness, which open up new possibilities.

Write to know what you think.

SO? Once you are

  • Centered by the meditation,
  • Clear in your intentions with your affirmations,
  • Confident in your capacity to reach your goals through the visualization,
  • Energized by your exercise,
  • Awake in your mind thanks to your reading and
  • Awake in your awareness thanks to your writing,

You are already having a winning day!

Please contact us if you would like to organize a workshop in your company or for your group of friends!