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Professional Gathering In Grez-sur-Loing

Professional Gathering In Grez-sur-Loing: A parallel between unforeseen circumstances and unsuspected possibilities in our lives.

The week-end of May 26-27th 2018, I joined a professional gathering with a few of my Grez-sur-Loing neighbors. With Marie Nicolas-Cook of www.742.fr, Lucie Beaudon of www.iame.me and Sophie Batsis of www.earlygrez.com, we created a warm atmosphere for visitors for Sophie’s garage sale, Lucie’s dance workshop, Marie’s musical bar and the presentation and signing of my book.

You may think that rural areas are dotted with sleepy villages, or that away from big cities nothing happens… However, this week-end in Grez-sur-Loing, warm and rich exchanges took place behind the usually shut gate of a village home that blends among other village homes.

A parallel…

I will venture a parallel between the unforeseen circumstances of this weekend and the unexpected possibilities in our lives. You might be under the impression that your life is made of routines, devoid of surprises or that your daily life is dull and rather flat. Likewise, you might interact with the same people, at work or in your home life and you may have the feeling that you know what they’re all about.

But just like the open gate this weekend revealed unexpected things, I invite you to direct a curious gaze towards all these circumstances that seem known and determined. Moreover, I challenge you: can you, with your curiosity, invite the unexpected to manifest? Similarly, with a question, invite another to reveal a bit more; by wondering out loud, stimulate your team to find new ways of behaving; through an unusual behavior, trigger impromptu encounters? I never cease to marvel at the virtues of curiosity, at the power of reconsidering our certainties and at the possibilities that emerge when we look at the world with openness.

The path to happiness?

What if that were the path to happiness? That is to say, when we are unhappy, it is so often the result of a mismatch between our expectations and the reality we are faced with. Curiosity is an excellent ally in these situations. How can I adjust my expectations? How can I reinterpret the situation? And of course, how can I impact the situation? In conclusion, more often than not, believe me, it is enough to change your outlook on a situation. If this makes you curious, contact me and let’s talk about it!

Sonia Weyers, Founder of Eudokima.

View of the bridge in Grez-sur-Loing, blue sky, leafless trees.

Sonia Weyers
Revealing Your Happiness
Founder of Eudokima

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