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Reviewing our ICF Workshop in Geneva: Happiness at work

A hot topic, of great interest for coaches.

You have certainly noticed all the buzz about happiness at the moment. We also hear a lot about disengagement at work. In France, absenteeism beyond paid vacation reached 16.8 days per worker in 2016 and 17.2 days per worker in 2017. It is also estimated that illness at work cost €12,600 per worker in 2017.

When you consider that 57% of French workers think that actions put in place for well-being at work are insufficient, that 50% of workers admit to being dissatisfied at work and that 61% of workers would choose more happiness at work over a pay raise, there is every reason to take interest in the topic of happiness at work!


Le bonheur au travail: quoi pourquoi et comment? Atelier pour ICF Genève le 30 octobre 2018.

What are we talking about?

The scientists define Happiness at Work as:

  • A general feeling of satisfaction at work
  • Intrinsic motivation to progress towards goals
  • Finding meaning in what we do

Regarding the « Why ? » we know, among other things, that:

    • Happiness at work is positively correlated with better health, more creativity and better problem solving skills, higher productivity and innovation as well as faster career advancement.
    • Happiest businesses have a lower rate of turnover, lower health-related costs, fewer errors and accidents, more efficiency, better shareholder value, and they recover faster from adversity; they enjoy more customer loyalty and engagement and more word of mouth growth.

    We then moved on to “How?” and we presented the answer to this through the PERK model of the Berkeley Greater Good Science Center:


For each element of PERK, we went through several actions that facilitate it. Most of these actions are accessible to all and don’t depend on the business itself. So we can each take responsibility for our happiness at work.

Of course, certain factors also depend on the organization of work and we also talked about that.

It was quite a full workshop!

If you too need more happiness at work, we would gladly come to you to deliver our training program. Simply contact us.

Don’t you think the best reward of happiness at work would be its greatest PERK?