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International Happiness Day in Fontainebleau!

A conference, a concert and conversation!

March 20th is International Happiness Day and this year Eudokima organized an event with my friend Hannah Judson (link) at a local restaurant in Fontainebleau (link)

A conference:

I started with our interactive conference “5 practices for a happier life,” in which I guide participants in reflections and experiences regarding breathing, gratitude, forgiveness, self-compassion and visualization with the Hindsight window. Most of these are well-known practices but it was striking to see that several participants found it useful to be guided in the experiences and even gained some insights that they could then bring into their lives.

Do you feel like you need a happiness boost?
In what area of your life do you feel this need?
Please let me know!

Image for Internantional Happiness Day

A concert for International Happiness Day:

After the conference, several participants stayed for a drink or a meal at our host restaurant, La Taverne in Fontainebleau. And to continue our evening on a happy note, we enjoyed the music of internationally acclaimed songwriter-singer Hannah Judson.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to have a happier evening:

  1. A reminder of practices that change your outlook,
  2. Camaraderie and conversation,
  3. Music or your favorite form of art.

What do like to do to have a happier evening?
Please let me know!


It was a great pleasure to contribute some happiness to a local venue, with a local artist. If you would like us to contribute happiness to your venue, please contact us.




Sonia Weyers
Founder of EUDOKIMA
Revealing your happiness!