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Increase your happiness

Increasing Your Happiness: an interview with Christel Barbier.

Christel Barbier came to talk with me in French about how to increase your happiness.

This interview with Christel Barbier is in French.


Christel is a geobiologist and bioenergeticist and a bit like me, she has a scientific background et now she uses her skills and tools to promote well-being in your home as well as for your personal development. She was kind enough to meet me in my office. We had a nice conversation about how to increase your happiness.

Let’s start from the beginning

Christel started by asking me a bunch of questions about how I got interested in the topic of happiness and how I realised that I wanted to empower people to experience more happiness in their lives. We also spoke about Gestalt, about my company Eudokima and about my book “Happiness Now! A Guided Journey.”

Happiness or Well-Being?

Then we spent a while talking about the difference between well-being and happiness. Personally, I prefer to use well-being than happiness because happiness is too often equated with joy or with a frivolous notion of pleasure. On the other hand, well-being is about being well, which is much closer to my notion of happiness.

I really view happiness as living in agreement with your genuine self, being content with your life. Of course some joy and pleasure is also part of that but I have found what I call happiness in some of the gravest of moments. I use the word happiness because I have found that well-being is used much more for things like massages, yoga, essential oils, things more related to the body. The happiness I talk about includes the body of course but that is not its primary focus.

Naturally, we also spoke about some of the obstacles we can find on the path to our happiness. These can find their origin in our childhood but can also lie inside our own way of living and making choices.

A few keys to increase your happiness

Christel then asked me about my TEdx talk and the 3 keys I give there to find forgiveness. She also invited me to share about my miracle morning routine. We ended our time together by talking about happiness at work.

We had a very nice chat, thank you very much, Christel, for your openmindedness and for the work you do. If you read French and want to find out more about Christel, look HERE.

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Sonia Weyers
Happiness Wizard!
Founder of Eudokima