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What you focus on expands!

The COVID-19 crisis has generated many positive initiatives! One of them is spearheaded by Nathalie Dahl, she called it

“What you focus on expands!”

From March 16th, 2020, Sabrina has been doing her show “What you focus on expands,” interviewing coaches and experts from all around the world to share positive strategies for dealing with the current circumstances. These strategies can of course help with any difficult situation you may be facing.

Here are some highlights of my conversation with Nathalie. As I help people to experience and express their true happiness, Nathalie naturally asked me how I do that. I have a 5-step process and the first of these steps is Openness.

Focus on being open to what is…

I have found, and you may know this experience for yourself, that if you can go through whatever it is that you don’t like, you might have a nice surprise at the end. But first you have to go through it, it might be an unpleasant feeling and you may need to sit with that unpleasant feeling for a while before it lifts. On the other side is something that is better for the fact that you were able to sit with it.

How to sit with it?

Nathalie naturally asked me how to go through with it, how to sit with it. There are different things you can do to help you through a difficult feeling. They are all time-tested strategies available to anyone. You can exercise, meditate, go into nature, I also show a quick breathing exercise in the video that helps quiet things down on the inside, it is at 8’20” of the video above.

Ultimately, sitting with something unpleasant takes an active relinquishing of control. Sometimes, in spite of ourselves, we refuse to let go of that unpleasant feeling. In that moment, we are not open to our own happiness. Do you know this feeling?

Are you sometimes not open to your own happiness? 

Positivity in Italy!

Nathalie then shared something that you probably have seen by the time you read this but that had just happened. Dolphins were seen in the Venice canals… This was a wonderful thing that came out of the standstill of all the habitual polluting activities. And of course there were the Italians singing from their balconies. Such positive things came out of this otherwise difficult situation!

How to get wins in your life?

Then Nathalie shared a technique she learned from one of her mentors, Blair Singer, from his book “Little Voice Mastery: How to Win the War between Your Ears in Thirty Seconds or Less”. Wow, what a promise! The technique talks about how to anchor success and create more success.

  • The first step is to celebrate at least 5 wins every day with a physical anchor.
  • Next, attribute these successes to yourself, this is the second step.
  • Finally, this is the third step, project this win into the future.

What successes are you going to celebrate today?

Remember, what you focus on expands!

Do you know the Chinese word for crisis?

At the end of our time together, I share that the word crisis in Chinese is made of two parts: Danger and Opportunity!

What opportunity will you create from this danger?

Thank you, Nathalie, for your positive initiative!

For more tips to cultivate your happiness, read my blog or my book.

Sonia Weyers
Your Happiness Guide
Founder of Eudokima