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How to be Happier? 3 Strategies to Cope with Adversities

How to be Happier? 3 Strategies to Cope with Adversities

As I was driving back from basically launching my oldest child, I was listening to a playlist that my kids, their dad and I have collectively created during the spring lockdown. And suddenly, a Bob Dylan song comes on, “Don’t think twice, it’s alright!” As the fingerstyle guitar that Bob Dylan masters so beautifully begin to resonnate in my car, I was overcome with an strong emotion that came from my solar plexus area and came up to my throat, causing me to sob almost uncontrollably. “How to be happier?” seems a great question here.

How to be happier?

This song reminds me of my dad who used to sing it and do a dancy move that was so typical of his sunny personnality. Because he often sang pieces of it to my kids, interacting with them lovingly in the process. Unfortulately, my dad passed away on September 29th, 2019 and I miss him dearly. I wonder how much longer these pushy emotions are going to show up for me.

Weathering the storm

But I let myself sob and sob, I know that it is the only way through. It’s not easy to be with that but I have learned to weather these storms. Yes, I have spent over two decades searching for and finally finding my own happiness. In the process, I learned a lot about the path to happiness and I have even become a therapist. For the last 12 years, I have been helping people perhaps just like you to finally Experience their TRUE Happiness.

Help is on the way

I am Sonia Weyers and I believe that cultivating your happiness is the most important thing you can do both for yourself also for those you love; and there’s not a moment to waste!

Now we may have some adversities to contend with. For me it’s the loss of my parents and kids leaving home, for you it might be the same or it may be an accident you or one of your loved ones had, a professional challenge you are facing or just emotional downs that are all too familiar.

Watch the full talk

In this talk, I talk to you about three things that can help you to be happier, I show you how to cope with adversities. Watch the ccomplete talk here:

One of the most common questions I get is “Sonia, I love this, what do I do next?”
Well, you can apply to join The “Experience Your TRUE Happiness Haven”. This a year long deep dive program during which we will dive into who you are, what is important to you, your adversities and how to cope with them so you can be happier! You can fill out the application and submit it now. The link is here.

Picture a day…

Now I’d like you to picture a day when you confidently know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Picture a day when you are no longer searching for happiness and you can do something else instead!

Picture a day when you can find a peaceful place inside, no matter what is going on.

It’s around the year 2000, I’m sitting on the floor of my office and I am sobbing uncontrollably. Just sobbing and sobbing. I had a therapy session earlier and I am just now realizing how I had been going about my life wrong, it took me several years of therapy to get to that point. I was not making my decisions from the right place. This is a devastating realization.
But it ended up being a real starting point. From there, I was able to little by little connect with my true self and start to make good choices for myself. That is what I want for you!

Apply to the “Experience Your TRUE Happiness Haven” here.


Sonia Weyers
Your Happiness Guide
Founder of Eudokima

PS: For more tips to cultivate your happiness, watch more videos, read my blog or my book.