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How to Thrive Through Loss, Grief and Uncertainty

How to Thrive Through Loss, Grief and Uncertainty

I’m going to talk to you about how to thrive through loss, grief and uncertainty.
It’s august 14th 2019 and my dad has just gone in to have a control scan. He had cancer in his bladder removed in september of the previous year. The January scan was clear, the May ultrasound seemed to show a nodule on his liver that was judged innocuous. So this was just a control scan.  We have just returned from a very nice trip to Belgium. We saw my dad’s friends and family; he had such a wonderful time! Since my mom died the year before, he has been heartbroken. And this short trip to Belgium really lifted his spirits. It was such a success that I was already planning the next one, I was thinking “during the fall break”…

Uncertainty, how nice it would be to be able to plan!

I was already thinking about that next trip and we have just come back a couple of days ago. So my dad has this contro scans and he comes back with that scan showing metastases in many places, in both of his lungs, his liver was full of them three lymph node chains in the abdomen. It looks really bad. It’s really a bad scan, it is quite worrisome in fact.

In an instant, everything changes.

I cried, for three days and three nights. At the end of three days and three nights, suddenly, I had an inspiration. A new possibillity appeared to me, that would be available to me when both of my parents would be gone. It’s not easy to stay in presence of all that but it is important. My father died 6 weeks later. The question of how to thrive through loss, grief and uncertainty is really present!

How to Thrive Through Loss, Grief and Uncertainty

In these troubled times with COVID-19 and everything that goes with it, you might also be confronted with this question.  You might be dealing with loss and the grieving, mourning process that goes with that. Whetehr it is the loss of freedom, the loss of financial or inner security, the loss of a relationship of the loss of a loved one in difficult circumstances, there is a grieving process that must take place.

How I can help you

If you don’t know me yet, I am Sonia Weyers, I am a Gestalt-therapist and the founder of Eudokima. Eudokima is a greek verb, which means to grow, to thrive, to prosper and my mission in life is to guide you so that you can grow, thrive, prosper, all so that you can finally Experience Your TRUE Happiness! And that includes learning how to thrive through loss, grief and uncertainty.

Watch the full talk

In this talk, I present to you three things that can help you find ways to thrive through loss, grief and uncertainty. The current times are so full of that. You can watch the video here:

One of the comments I get most often is “Wow this looks great but i’m not sure that i can do it on my own, can you help me?”

Of course i can help you, that’s why I created the “Experience Your TRUE Happiness” Haven. In a few words, it’s a one-year deep-dive group program, in which we will go in depth through all aspects of your life. We will really explore, take stock and also create some concrete steps for you so that you can improve the aspects of your life that are important to you and finally Experience Your True Happiness so that’s the program

If you want to apply for the program, I have a few questions for you before we talk about it together, you can fill out the application using this link:

Time to be happy!

Picture a day…

Now I invite you to picture a day when you will be in peace with what is.

Picture a day when you can stop searching for your happiness everywhere and do something else with your time

Picture a day when you can see possibility in all circumstances.

And the reason I’m talking to you about all this in the first place is this:
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be happy! Life is too short to spend another moment not living in agreement with yourself and with your environment and there’s not a moment to waste!

It’s time for you to get on the path to Experience Your TRUE Happiness and i really so much want to help you with that. The time is now, fill out the application for the Haven here:

Time to be happy!

Sonia Weyers
Your Happiness Guide
Founder of Eudokima

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5 things in the Way of Your TRUE Happiness
The 5 Things in the Way of Your TRUE Happiness


PS: For more tips to cultivate your happiness, watch more videos, read my blog or my book.

Photo by Lucas Myers on Unsplash