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3 Ways to Uncover Hidden Barriers to Your TRUE Happiness

How to Uncover Hidden Barriers to Your TRUE Happiness.

I’m sitting on the floor in a room in my house and i’m sobbing unconsolably. It’s possible I’ve never cried like that in my life. I’ve just had a an epiphany in a recent therapy session. That epiphany is not well formed in words yet but in my torso the experience if one of deep grief. I don’t know it yet but I am about to uncover hidden barriers.

An epiphany.

It’s a true revelation, it’s becoming obvious that things are not the way they seemed. I am really grieving something very important. It only clarified later, but what is actually happening is that I am realising that i’ve been going about it all wrong. Somehow the way i’ve been going about my life is not putting me on the path to get where I am trying to get.

Uncover Hidden Barriers.

I’ve grown up thinking I was unlovable somehow and that conditioned virtually all my relationships. I tried to get others to love me the way I wanted (and needed) to be loved. That’s not very nice, people are the way they are. Sometimes we don’t like that, but it doesn’t work to try to change people. The most important point here is that this idea that I was unlovable was of course absurd and yet it was running my life.

The Hidden Barrier, which is an Illusion.

What appears to us as reality conditions our entire existence and yet it can be a complete illusion. That was certainly the case for me. And you, do you think that aspects of your reality might be an illusion?

How I can help you

If you don’t know me yet, let me introduce myself. I am Sonia Weyers, I am a Gestalt-therapist and the founder of Eudokima. Eudokima is a Greek word meaning to grow, to thrive, to prosper. My mission and purpose in life is to  guide you on your personal development journey so that precisely you can grow, thrive, prosper and finally Experience Your TRUE Happiness. This includes finding ways to uncover hidden barriers to your TRUE happiness.

Watch the full talk

In this video, I present to you three things that can help you to uncover hidden barriers, which limit you and limit your access to your happiness. Watch the whole video here:


One of the most common questions I get is “Well, Sonia, this is great, but what do I do now?”
That’s exactly why I’ve created the program The “Experience Your TRUE Happiness” Haven. In a nutshell, it’s a deep dive one year program where together we explore all the areas of your life, one after the other, following the path I have created. Of course, we will explore your relationships, your self-care and your thoughts, and so much more!

For a programme such as this one, it is important to check if we are a good fit. That’s why I’ve created an application form that I ask you to fill out and then we will have a call and check the fit. So what you can do now is to fill out that application and send it back to me so we can get to work. Here is the link:

Now is the Time!

Picture a day…

Right now I’d like you to picture a day when you confidently know that there is nothing wrong with you.

Picture a day when you will stop looking for your happiness everywhere and you can spend your time doing something else.

I invite you to picture a day when you can find a peaceful place inside no matter what, that is what I really want for you.

But why am I talking to you about all this right now? Well, I want you to not let ANYBODY tell you that you can’t be happy. Life is too short to spend another minute not living in harmony with yourself and with your environment. I feel really passionate about this!

What is done is done, but right now you can start doing something about changing today and changing tomorrow. There’s not a moment to waste to Experience Your TRUE Happiness! I hope you agree with that because there’s no two ways about it. Here’s the link again if you’d like to apply for The “Experience Your TRUE Happiness Haven. I wish you a very nice end to your day.

Now is the Time!


Sonia Weyers
Your Happiness Guide
Founder of Eudokima


Photo by Evgeny Nelmin on Unsplash

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 You can also download my free guide:

5 Things in the Way of Your TRUE Happiness
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