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How to Reconcile Happiness and Relationships with Pandemic Fatigue

How to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue

Happiness and Relationships

So last week we talked about how the whole COVID-19 situation could contribute to your exhaustion and the week before we talked about how being exhausted can interfere with your inner life.
This week I want to talk about the impact that all this can have on the link between happiness and relationships.
I hope you still have your notebook from last week. Otherwise find something you can take notes on.

Fatigue, happiness and relationships.

Maybe your exhaustion and your concerns have strained some of your relationships, maybe you have retreated more into isolation because of your exhaustion or your concerns.

Write in your notebook what impact you can see in your relationships of all of this.


Happiness and Relationships - How to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue - With Sonia Weyers - Eudokima

Do you know how to get support?

Fatigue and exhaustion can strain relationships but strained relationships can also cause fatigue and exhaustion, so which is it for you, do you even know? Do your close peeps even know if you are struggling right now?.


Happiness and Relationships - How to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue - With Sonia Weyers - Eudokima

If you’re not receiving the support you need, you may not be open to receiving, that’s a little like having a shop with all the shutters closed and the door locked.

The topic of relationships is the topic that appears most frequently with my clients. And almost always, we discover together that it is by looking and modifying things inside that we can impact our relationships the most.

Write down in your notebook how your fatigue impacts your relationships. Did you realize this was the case?

Exhaustion and words can breed conflict.

Conflict is both exhausting and more likely when you are exhausted. A great number of conflicts arise through words that are uttered and misunderstood. How many times has that happened to you, that you say something with an intention, the other person takes it in a different way and there you go, conflict.


One of my clients was telling me about such an event recently and I have examples of that in my own life.

Now I’d like you to inventory the words or topics that usually offend you in your notebook and if you are feeling courageous, share this with someone with who this happens.

If you want to go further, take some time to see if you know what triggers your reaction. This may give you some keys to move forward with this.


Title of the video: Happiness and Relationships – How to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue

In this video, I talk about cultivating support in our relationships, to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue. 
Watch the whole video here:

Finding good company?

No road is long with good company.
OK, what is good company for you then? Do you know that?

Some people are lucky and they find good company without putting too much into discovering what that is.

For a lot of us, however…

Happiness and Relationships - How to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue - With Sonia Weyers - Eudokima


For a lot of us, however, good company doesn’t appear by magic and to actually find it, a lot of personal work needs to be done so you get to really know yourself first.

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Sonia Weyers
Your Happiness Guide
Founder of Eudokima


PS: For more tips to cultivate your happiness, watch more videos, read my blog or my book.