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Fatigue Happiness and Obstacles – Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue

How to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue

Fatigue, happiness and obstacles

Fatigue, Happiness and Obstacles? What can we say about that?  Well, for the last 4 weeks we’ve explored Happiness and exhaustion, week 1 we talked about the inner effects, week 2 we talked about outer causes, week 3 we talked about relationship impacts, week 4 we talked about mindset.

This week we’re going to talk about fatigue, happiness and obstacles.


Fatigue, Happiness and Obstacles - How to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue.

So maybe you had decided to take some action after we talked about mindset and then you had an obstacle. Maybe it was something else. Everyone faces obstacles sometimes.

Please tell me in the comments, do obstacles derail you

  • Often?
  • Sometimes?
  • Never?

Write down your answers in your notebook from last week or find something to takes notes with.

Fatigue, happiness and obstacles.

Obstacles could be any number of things. You decided to go to bed 30 minutes earlier a couple of weeks ago but maybe somehow it hasn’t happened. Maybe you had a couple of bad nights, which can happen even when we are exhausted or maybe you had a work deadline, or an argument with your spouse, or perhaps you were just not disciplined. I know this happens to me often with going to bed earlier. I sometimes just lack the discipline.


Fatigue, Happiness and Obstacles - How to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue.

Sometimes our best intentions remain just that. It’s important not to stop when that happens though.

Whatever your usual obstacle, it is important to keep going anyway. This is something I work on a lot with my clients so if you need help, you can contact me.

But for now, write down in your notebook the obstacle that most frequently derails you.

How do YOU handle obstacles ?

I hope you are starting to see what your favorite obstacles are!

Regular obstacles may have a common cause. For example, I often go to bed too late; partly I’m a night person, I always have been, but also I lack the discipline when it comes to going to bed.


Fatigue, Happiness and Obstacles - How to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue.

When I go to bed earlier, I don’t usually have a problem going to sleep but I get into what I’m doing and suddenly it’s super late.

So a detour I put into place is to stop working at a certain time. That helps. What about you? What is your regular obstacle and what detour can you put into place? If it’s work deadlines, maybe you need to review your work schedule and your work priorities. If it’s arguments with your spouse or partner, maybe you need to have a deep talk, outside a crisis, to see what’s going on there.

This is also something I help my clients with. Feel free to DM me if you want more information.

But first, write down in your notebook what a detour is that you have or could put in place.

Fatigue, Happiness and Obstacles – How to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue

In this video, I talk to you about Fatigue, Happiness and Obstacles and how to handle all that.
Watch the whole video here:

Obstacles are inevitable, so what to do ?

There will always be obstacles and roadblocks so it’s best to learn how to navigate them.

If you can go through a crisis, an obstacle, a difficulty with courage, there is often a reward at the end. If I think back to my divorce, to the death of both my parents, I could go on about everything I learned from all that and how it allows me to have a great life today.


Fatigue, Happiness and Obstacles - How to Reconcile Happiness and Pandemic Fatigue.

Not that I don’t’ miss my parents but I have learned a lot about myself and life going through the journey of the end of their lives.

What are your roadblocks and what are you going to learn going through them?

Write in your notebook what lesson you have learned from a past roadblock.

Now remember that any journey will have obstacles but with the right kind of help, we can almost always make it. So if you need help to overcome your obstacles, I can help you.

We work on that and many other things in the “Experience Your TRUE Happiness” Haven. It is a safe place where we go on an introspective, experimental journey to get to know yourself better and finally experience Your TRUE Happiness.

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See you soon for more!


Sonia Weyers
Your Happiness Guide
Founder of Eudokima


PS: For more tips to cultivate your happiness, watch more videos, read my blog or my book.