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How to Reconcile Happiness and External Changes

How to Reconcile Happiness and External Changes

Your Environment

Happiness and External Changes? Last week we talked about change and how challenging it is for your inner world. This week I want to tie it into the outer world.

Happiness and External Changes, what impact?

I don’t know how change is impacting you these days.Is your life pretty stable or do you have big changes going on? Or have you been contemplating changes and some outside event are having you reconsider that?

The summer is often a time to travel, for some it is exploring faraway lands for others it is to see loved ones, sometimes both coincide.

This summer travel is not as free as it usually is. Whatever outside changes may be impacting us, we will do well to adjust on the inside.

How to Reconcile Happiness and External Changes 1


So let’s dive into this this week!


My world changed a lot in 2019:

In the course of 9 months, I lost both my parents. That was a lot to take in and I feel like I finally have been able to integrate that.

A lot of changes are less radical than that one, some may be more radical. What is changing in YOUR world right now?

How to Reconcile Happiness and External Changes 2


And how is it for you. Because of course there are events, things in our environment that change but it is how this lands with us that impacts our experience.

Learning to be with what is going on is one of the most precious skills to develop. This is something I work with my clients on a lot.

I invite you to pick up your notebook, or take a new one if you are just joining us, to write down your reflections.

How do you reconcile happiness and external changes at play in your life?

Please write down your reflections.

Happiness and External Changes, not always easy!

Sometimes there are changes in our lives that we don’t like, especially if we have no control over them.

What choice do we have then?

Just suck it up and deal with it?

How to Reconcile Happiness and External Changes 3


Well, could I suggest a higher more satisfying road?

Over the course of my life, I cannot think of a struggle I have faced with a growth mindset where I have not learned an important and useful lesson.

That’s not to say everything was always easy, far from it.  But it is very different to view things as a problem and be a victim of that problem than it is to face the facts, take whatever emotional impact and approach the issue with the intention to grow out of this challenge.

So what is something you are currently viewing as a problem and that you are suffering from? Can you envision changing your outlook on it?

I invite you to write in your notebook one way in which this changes your outlook.

A video on this topic!

Watch the video to enhance the reading of the article.

There have been a lot of changes in the world these past 12 to 18 months,

with the Pandemic and all that happened from that. I don’t know about you but first I was a bit stunned and then different emotions and reactions happened over the course of the year.

How to Reconcile Happiness and External Changes 5

What I am noticing now that more freedom is progressively available again, things that seemed normal are seeming a bit strange now. So tiny changes are appealing to me.

What about you? What are some tiny changes that are going on in YOUR life? Or what are some tiny changes that you could be putting into place?

Go ahead, write down in your notebook a small change that you could put in place this week.

That’s it for today but I’ll see you next week to continue our exploration.

We will explore the topic of How to Reconcile Happiness and External Changes from a different angle.

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See you soon for more!


Sonia Weyers
Your Happiness Guide
Founder of Eudokima


PS: For more tips to cultivate your happiness, watch more videos, read my blog or my book.