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How to Reconcile Happiness Change and Relationships

How to Reconcile Happiness and Change

Your Relationships

Reconcile Happiness Change and Relationships? Last week we talked about how to deal with external change and the week before we talked about the emotional and inner aspects of change. This week I want to talk about the impact that all this can have on your relationships.

Happiness Change and Relationships, what impact?

Maybe the outer changes have impacted some of your relationships, maybe you have had inner changes that have strained some of your relationships, maybe you feel a bit at a loss after some changes and this changes things in your relationships.

Reconcile Happiness Change and Relationships #1

I invite you to take your notebook, or if you are just joining me to find a dedicated notebook for your journey. When you are ready with your notebook, write down what impact you can see in your relationships of changes you may have experienced or had to deal with.


Change in the environment can impact relationships in many ways. During recent lockdowns there were surges of both divorces and of pregnancies. This goes to show that having strained relationships to begin with can make them vulnerable to outer changes.

Reconcile Happiness Change and Relationships #2


My example alludes to romantic partnerships but I’m sure similar patterns apply to friendships. Lockdowns made some people stay more in touch with people they could no longer see and some less so.

So how is it for you? When changes occur in your life, how do you prioritize relationships? A lot of my clients come to me with relationship issues so I know it is not a straightforward topic for all!

I invite you to pick up your notebook to write down a few reflections.

How does change impact your relationships?

And if you can, what is something you will do today to improve a relationship that may have suffered recently or simply one that you have not prioritized enough in your own opinion.

Happiness change and relationships, when one person changes.

We just discussed how change in the environment can impact relationships in many ways. Well what can also impact relationships is when one of the people is involved in a personal change.

Reconcile Happiness Change and Relationships #3


You may have heard of the Harvard Study of Human Fulfillment. Their conclusion was “Happiness is Love. Full Stop.” So to reconcile Happiness and Change; I really encourage you to take stock of your relationships. For today, what is one relationship that you would like to improve?

And now I’m asking you to be really honest with yourself. What is something that YOU can change, which might improve that relationship?

If you’re feeling really brave, write it down in your notebook and share this with someone in your surroundings. What do you say?

A video about this!

Watch the video to complete your experience of this article.


This quote is possibly overused but I decided to put it here anyway because it puts forth two very important questions:

– What change do you want to see in the world?
– How can YOU embody that change?


Reconcile Happiness Change and Relationships #4

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Sonia Weyers
Your Happiness Guide
Founder of Eudokima


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