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How to Reconcile Happiness, Change and Obstacles

How to Reconcile Happiness and Change


Reconciling Happiness Change and Obstacles?

For the last 4 weeks we’ve explored Happiness and change. Week 1 we talked about the inner aspects, week 2 we talked about outer causes, week 3 we talked about relationship impacts, week 4 we talked about mindset.

Happiness Change and Obstacles, what impact?

This week we’re going to talk about obstacles, regarding change.

Reconcile Happiness Change and Obstacles #1


So maybe you had decided to tackle change in a new and different way after we talked about mindset and then you had an obstacle. Everyone faces obstacles sometimes. I invite you to pick up a/your notebook and to journal about what some obstacles are that come up for you when you are facing change.


Obstacles could be any number of things. Perhaps you decided to change your morning routine but some of your family members don’t let you do what you had planned.

Perhaps you know you need to change something but you lack the courage or the motivation. Perhaps something changed in your environment, you decided to be ok with it but your emotions told you otherwise.


Reconcile Happiness Change and Obstacles #2


Sometimes it’s not as easy as just having the right mindset. It’s important not to stop when we face an obstacle though.

Whatever obstacle tends to come up for you, this is something I work on with my clients so if you want my help, you can contact me.

You can also check out my blog, you might find some inspiration there.


Grab your notebook, and write down a few reflexions about what kind of obstacle tends to derail you when you are dealing with change.

Happiness Change and Obstacles, hope to cope?

I love the quote below, how about you?


Reconcile Happiness Change and Obstacles #3


Do you remember having growing pains as a child? It hurt, right? But it was the price to pay to become the grown person we are now.

Well the same goes for personal growth, it can hurt!

If I had to describe all my emotional growth pains, that would probably occupy WAY too much time but what I can tell you right now is that if I had a chance to go back, I would not choose ANY other path.

Some of the obstacles we face are in fact inside us and the rewards of personal growth come when we learn how to overcome them. And THAT is what I am here to help you with.

The first step is to know what is stopping you and for that, start by writing down in your notebook what this brings up for you.

A video on the topic!

Watch the video to complement this article.


There’s a good piece of wisdom. What, you thought you could grow and develop easily? Well think again.


Reconcile Happiness Change and Obstacles #4


I know what it’s like to be stuck in a pattern of being that doesn’t work. A relationship that is not meeting my needs, a job that is not satisfying me deeply, a difficult relationship with my mother.  And any change was difficult, precisely because I was stuck! I spent years stuck in there, trying just about everything to get out, out of that inner state that was so painful.

I finally got the rewards of all my good work, my inner state is how I like it to be a great majority of the time and any obstacle I encounter now is much easier for me to deal with, thanks to everything I have learned. And this is why I have made it my mission to help people who are tired of searching, to finally be their Genuine Self, UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

What about you, are you stuck somewhere in YOUR life? Then let me help you.

Start by downloading your free copy of “The 5 Things in the Way of Your TRUE Happiness!” For People Who Have Tried Everything.

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5 things in the Way of Your TRUE Happiness

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See you soon for more!


Sonia Weyers
Your Happiness Guide
Founder of Eudokima


PS: For more tips to cultivate your happiness, watch more videos, read my blog or my book.