How to live a life where you are free to be you

Even if you have a lingering empty feeling inside or you have lost yourself in the busy-ness of your life…
Femme professionnelle et maman débordée, pleine de post-its sur le visage avec des choses dont elle doit s'occuper.

You are busy with your work or your business, your kids or your parents, everyone takes priority over you and you are close to a breaking point.

You can stop searching right now! 

Join Create Your Future: Be Free to Be You Now.

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You are tired and overextended and you are ready to find relief.

You’ve thrown yourself in your business or your work so that you could eventually slow down, and then there were kids, or aging parents, it seems like everyone else takes top priority. Of course, you love the life you are building but the cost is high. It’s been a long time, a decade and sometimes more, since you’ve felt like yourself

It’s been that long since you actually felt like you belong in your body and that you are worthy of attention, outside of what someone else might need. You haven’t prioritized yourself, your wants and needs, and most importantly, your development. 

I know it’s easy to think that you’ll get to all that eventually, when things slow down, when your kids are older or when your work settles a bit or when you have more passive income coming in, then you’ll get back to you, discovering who you really are and living your true authentic free life. 

Overextended woman with glasses, holding a briefcase with one hand, files on her left arm and a coat on her right arm.

The problem with that is that life never really slows down. If you’re not caring for the kids, you’re caring for someone else (or maybe even a pet). And if you are not one of those people you are caring for, you will find only resentment and regret as you continue to age – and even on your deathbed

The best time to rediscover you, what makes you tick, what lights your fire, what you yearn for in life is 10 years ago. The next best time is right now!  

Reconnecting with who you once were, or even discovering who you are deep down, is not an easy task. In fact if you’re like many other women, you’ve tried to rekindle your fire before, only you kept trying cookie-cutter approaches that couldn’t quite address your very personal, intimate (totally un-cookie-cutter like) complex struggles. Positive affirmations, positive thinking and visualization just doesn’t cut it for you. 

How much longer do you want to live like that? You’re only creating more resentment and regret for your future self. Think of your deathbed. 

You don’t actually have to stay in situations where you feel alienated from yourself and you definitely don’t have to sacrifice your well-being for everyone else.

By Being Free to Be You, you’ll finally be able to

  • Enjoy your relationships
  • Experience depth of sharing that you didn’t know was possible
  • Go to sleep with a smile on your face, satisfied with your day
  • Feel hopeful for the future for the first time in a long time

Even though you feel like you should be able to figure it all out on your own, surely it isn’t that bad, you actually feel just as lost as you did a year ago. And if you’re like so many other women, you might even wake up and wonder what’s wrong with you, hoping it will just work itself out, with time.

But the truth of the matter is that until you prioritize yourself, nothing will get better. And the elusive cookie-cutter promises will only leave you feeling discouraged. You might even consider quitting. 

The best time to (re-)discover yourself is NOW! Because the alternative is a life devoted to everyone else, while you sit on the sidelines, until it is too late. 

That is definitely not what I want for you❣️ 

After years of therapy, I finally could see the possibility of being my authentic true self and creating the life I love.

I used to not really know who I was and I couldn’t imagine that it would one day be different. And even when I started working on myself, there were times when I thought I’d never make it to where I was trying to get. (I didn’t know to call it that but I was yearning for the feeling of being free to be me!) Maybe you’re having similar thoughts. 

  • Maybe you’re thinking life shouldn’t be easy because you grew up in a home where there was always some sort of struggle
  • Maybe you are stuck in a situation you don’t like and you feel like there’s no way out. 

After years of therapy, I finally could see the possibility of being my authentic true self and creating the life I love. Little by little I had breakthroughs and I not only love my life now but I have been helping clients to do the same.

Sonia Weyers, assise dans son fauteuil de thérapeute, détendue et souriante, libre d'être elle-même
Kelly Jo Murphy

“Sonia is just so caring and sweet and gentle and patient that as she went through this program, even when I was frantic about trying to figure out what I needed and wanted to do next she was just a calming presence and this calming presence helped me to be able to focus on figuring out what was really important to me.

Sonia actually guides you to find your freedom within yourself and because she is such a wonderful guide to help you to do that, I highly recommend her and all of her programs 

Kelly Jo

Now imagine you are living a life where you really feel free to be you. You can now also give to others without building resentment, your sense of boundaries finally feels healthy, your life has risen to a level that you didn’t know what was possible. 

In 2021, I wanted to help people to have more hope for the future, after the first year of the pandemic, that’s where this transformative group program was born. It is more important than ever before that you find the freedom to really be you in your life.

Mockup for the Create Your Future: Be Free to Be You program

Create Your Future: Be Free to Be You

A four week LIVE group program to create your personal freedom-to-be-you plan.

The perfect program for professional women who are also moms.

You’ll learn to 

  • Prepare yourself to be open to the freedom you long for
    (so that you can more easily obtain it) 
  • Have a mindset that will help you to continue, even when it’s hard
    (so you actually create the future you are ready to live into)
  • Identify the places in your life where you are not free to be you
  • Overcome the obstacles that are keeping you stuck, frustrated and hidden
  • Actually plan and take action on that future that you want
    (and that you have been hoping for)

When I joined “Be Free to Be You!”, I had some objectives but the conversations and the exercises allowed me to realize that other objectives were actually better for me. So I feel more aligned after these 4 weeks, more myself. 

Sonia shines a tranquil strength and happiness. Her guidance combines rationality and the magic of imagination. It is very structured and at the same time very playful.

I particularly appreciated our weekly meetings, like a touch of optimism, a privileged moment, all at once insightful, joyful and deep, in the rush of the week. The exercises also helped me to ask myself the right questions.

“Be Free to Be You” allowed me to realign my goals so they would better meet my needs.


Virginie Goupil

“Create Your Future: Be Free to Be You”

What’s inside

4 Free-to-Be-You Clarity Calls

During these group clarity calls, we’ll dive deep together in what makes you feel free so you can create the future you want. Each call has a specific structure, I guide you and I listen to you beyond the words you speak. This allows you to have the insights that you need so that you can feel free and really create the future you want to live into.

Your Break-Free Checklist

Find what is blocking your Freedom to Be You, by identifying the behaviors and beliefs that might be preventing you from being free to be you. This will give you the places to focus to create the “Be Free to Be You” plan. This is the first step.

4 At-A-Glance Cliff Notes

I know you are busy and so you will receive a summary of each call so that you can refer to it at a glance. This can be a reassuring thread throughout the program, where you can follow your evolution. 

A Supportive Community

The group is capped at 6 people and we will share an intimate whatsapp group, where you can share your wins and your struggles and give and receive support, during the 4 weeks.


*** BONUS ***

Your Openness Meditation

Begin to open yourself to your happiness, freedom and whatever else you want, with this guided audio file 🥰


*** BONUS ***

Your Mindset Blueprint

Dive into to mindset ingredients that are crucial to actually follow through with your plan and create the Free to Be You lifestyle you aspire to, in this PDF with the first 5 chapters of one of my books. 


*** BONUS ***

5 Things in the Way of Being Free to Be You

Prime yourself for your future, by laying the Free to Be You foundation in this online
program with 5 short videos and 5 activities.


*** BONUS ***

A 45-min 1-on-1 call with me

Put your Free to Be You plan into action with a 45-minute individual call with me, after
the program ends. Unlike cookie-cutter programs that many gurus share, this
provides 1-on-1 support with this call, so that  you are sure to actually launch your


We Start January 23rd. Only 6 Spots. Take Action Before It’s Too Late!

The Freedom-To-Be-You GUARANTEE

I find it very difficult to imagine that you would not be 100% satisfied after using all the resources I offer you in this program but should that happen, I request that you grant yourself the freedom to let me know and we will work together to find a way that you are. I am committed to your results. 

After my first meeting with Sonia, my husband remarked that my face appeared more at ease.  Sonia was preparing the ground for rejuvenation.

As I followed Sonia’s guidance, my path developed easier than anticipated. By the third week, there was a feeling of transformation.  The mere act of doing that week’s exercises created a synergy of energy.

When the fourth and final week arrived, the plan was laid out and put into motion.  I felt astonished that an actual synchronization took place, when I experienced the bounty of the last four weeks become fruitful.


“Create Your Future: Be Free to Be You” is a rare opportunity. 

I offer this program once per quarter and I limit the group size to only 6 people so that I can really give personalized attention. So if you’re not currently feeling free to be you, it’s time that you grab one of those spots.

Frequently asked questions


  • How much time is required?

We will have 4 90-minute zoom calls and I will give you homework from one session
to the next so that you can really get all the benefits. I recommend you plan for one
hour a week for that (max 2).


  • What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

There will be a Whatsapp group for the 4 weeks so if you feel stuck you can reach out there. And we will be meeting every week too, on zoom.


  • How long can I keep it for?

The program will be on a page on my website and you can keep the materials, the bonuses and the replays of the calls. 


  • Do you have people who’ve had success with this program?

Yes I do. There are testimonials sprinkled on the page, there is even a video testimonial you can watch here:

A year ago I retired after 40 years of my professional life and I learned that I had prostate cancer. 6 months ago, I underwent prostatectomy.

In Septembre, as my vision for the future was rather somber, Sonia appeared on my phone with a 5-day challenge I grabbed to have a bit of fun with some playful challenges. 

Then in october, I participated diligently to the 4 sessions of “Be Free to Be You”

I particularly appreciated the simplicity, the clarity and the rigor of Sonia’s guidance. 

Today I feel armed with the super-power of choice and I am preparing a super-future on an extraordinary path. 


Etienne Turpault


     4 Free-to-Be-You Clarity Group Calls  
     Your Break-Free checklist
     4 At-A-Glance Cliff Notes
     A Supportive Community

BONUS: “Your Openness Meditation”
BONUS: “Your Mindset Blueprint”
BONUS: “5 Things in the Way of Being Free to Be You”
BONUS: A 45-min 1-on-1 call with me

     Total Value: Life-changing
     Usual Price: 397€
     Price until January 22nd, 2024: 247€

We Start January 23rd. Only 6 Spots. Take Action Before It’s Too Late!

If You’re Ready to Create Your Future and Be Free to Be You, Let’s Go!

Listen, you know how difficult it is to live when you are not feeling free to be you in important areas of your life. If you’re still reading, I bet you’re really wanting a change. 

So you could just stop wasting your time wondering and searching and you could join me for what promises to be the start of a new beginning for you

Let’s get started

– Sonia. 

We Start January 23rd. Only 6 Spots. Take Action Before It’s Too Late!

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In these two books, I guide you on the path to your true happiness and the extraordinary moments of connection that you yearn for. "The Sundown of Life" is my personal account of caring for my parents during their final years. Both books are available on Amazon, you can order them from your usual bookstore and you can ask me directly if you would like a signed copy (Shipping costs apply.)

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