Welcome! I am Sonia Weyers and my mission is to empower you to cultivate your self-fulfillment by discovering your keys to a happy life in harmony with your environment.

I founded Eudokima - Revealing your Happiness to carry out all my activities and thereby contribute to the awakening of human consciousness and to put people in motion towards a better world on a sustainable planet.

Revealing your happiness?

Happiness is a big word that is sometimes equated with miracle or impossibility.

By contrast, the notion of happiness that I suggest to you is realistic and in agreement with life as it occurs,
happiness that is compatible with everything that could happen.

Easier said than done!

My offer to you:


Cultivate your happiness

I offer you various group workshops to cultivate your happiness in the face of life’s circumstances. Experiential activities, debriefing, practices but no recipes!
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Therapeutic support

I welcome you individually, as a couple or as a family, to explore in more depth what prevents your happiness and discover avenues to live better.
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About happiness

Interactive talks designed to inspire the possibility of your happiness. My latest talk is titled « Reconciling happiness and end of life – Caring for our loved ones. »
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« Happiness Now! A Guided Journey » My first personal development book guides you through a deep exploration of how you live your life and how to live it better.
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Definition of Eudokima

What does it mean, Eudokima?
It is a Greek verb, in an active form, in the plural and in the present tense, meaning to grow, to thrive, to prosper.

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