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About me

Sonia Weyers: Your Happiness Guide

Sonia Weyers at her desk


Happiness Guide? Don’t go, it’s not a joke!
Happiness is a big word that generates all sorts of different reactions.
Some put a capital letter on it and see it as a permanent hassle-free state of well-being, others deem it impossible.   

By contrast, what I suggest to you is a realistic happiness, compatible with life as it occurs. You may have noticed that when something “negative” happens to us, it is often our reaction that causes us the most discomfort.

Here at Eudokima, I help you experience your true happiness even as you welcome what comes, warts and all. You will discover a whole new flavor to Life!

I know that can be more easily said than done!

I created 4 services for you, to guide you to finally experience your true happiness

I offer you my sincere presence, my fine listening and my empathy to reveal your potential to experience your true happiness, within your environment.

Sonia Weyers

Group support

Experience Your TRUE Happiness

An online community in which I will guide and support you to Experience Your TRUE Happiness. A private Facebook Group, two online calls a month and regular new content.
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Private support


Together we embark on an in-depth exploration and the discovery of avenues to live better. I welcome you individually, as a couple, or as a family
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Speaking online

About happiness

My interactive talks are designed to inspire you to the possibility of true happiness. My newest talk is titled « How to Reconcile Happiness and Uncertainty. »
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In English and In French

« Happiness Now! A Guided Journey » My first personal development book guides you through a deep exploration of how you live your life and how to live it better.
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These 4 services are different ways of achieving the same goal: to reveal and to cultivate your true happiness. Through a dynamic process, you are invited to experiment with new ways of being and to broaden your perspective. Revealing and cultivating your happiness is a process that occurs in contact with your environment, both physical and relational. By taking care of this environment, you can reach more happiness.

My vision, when I created Eudokima, was to contribute to the awakening of human consciousness, to help as many people as possible to open their heart and their mind to more possibility, and get moving towards a better world on a sustainable planet.

Sonia Weyers

I am a woman on a journey, the mother of four, and passionate about the quest for more happiness.

Having explored numerous paths in my personal quest for meaning in my own life and being committed to a permanent search for the best drivers of personal growth, I now put my expertise at your service.

With all my services, I guide you to finally experience your true happiness. My online community is where together we lead you to finally Expereience Your TRUE Happiness. In my personalized therapy, I help you to resolve your difficulties rooted in the past and to realize your objectives for a brighter future. With my talks and publications, I sensitize you to the possibility of improving your experience of your own life and I invite you to get moving already.

In all these services, I hold a holistic outlook on being human and I emphasize the relational nature of our lives.

Sonia Weyers
Your Happiness Guide
Founder of Eudokima


My references

2013 | Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change

INSEAD (France)

1999 | PhD in Business, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford University (USA)

1993 | Masters in Statistics

Stanford University (USA)

1990 | Ingénieur Civil en Mathématiques Appliquées

Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

Other trainings & certifications

Professional Certification: Working with Couples in Gestalt-Therapy (France)
Addvanced Training: Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy (France)

2016 | A.K. Rice Institute

Certified Consultant (USA)
EAP (Europe)
Gestalt-therapist (France)

2013 to 2018 | Epoké

Advanced Coaching Training (France)

My networks

INSEAD Alumni Association


Stanford Business Club


Anciens de l'École Polytechnique de Louvain


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