Our services

These 4 types of services all aim to reveal and to cultivate your happiness. It is a dynamic process, which invites you to experiment new ways of being, to broaden your perspective. This process occurs in contact with your environment, both physical and relational, and it is also by taking care of this environment that we can all can reach more happiness.


Cultivate your happiness

In these “cultivate your happiness” group workshops, I lead experiential activities that have been validated by science; we also take time to debrief these experiences.
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Therapeutic support

For individuals, couples or families who wish to explore in more depth what prevents their happiness and discover avenues to live better.
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About happiness

Interactive conferences to inspire your happiness. My flagship conference is titled « 5 practices for a happier life. » Yes, practices, not recipes.
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« Happiness Now! A Guided Journey » A personal development book that guides you through a deep reflection on how you live your life and how you could live it better.
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