Our posture

Common to all the services of Eudokima is our Gestalt posture. Gestalt comes from the German word « gestalten » which means « to give shape » and also « to take form ». As a practice, Gestalt focuses on « feeling how » things are and experimenting newness rather than « understanding why » things are the way they are.

The Gestalt posture hinges on active and holistic* listening to our clients, while taking into account the way in which they impact us. This can provide our clients with precious information about their way of impacting their environment and give them access to keys to a beneficial transformation.

Indeed, heightening our awareness of our relational impact allows us to soothe or better yet choose our relationships, directly raising our happiness.

We tackle relational issues for individuals, couples, families, so as to promote access to greater fulfillment. All interventions by Eudokima are motivated by our desire to contribute to the awakening of human consciousness and to put as many people as possible in motion towards a better world on a sustainable planet.

*holistic : dealing with the whole person – with their physical, mental, emotional, family, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions)

Personal development and Gestalt-therapy

For people who suffer from a diffuse and rather old malaise, we propose therapeutic support. Our approach is that of Gestalt-therapy, which is rooted in a phenomenological and holistic outlook: we observe both physical and emotional expressions of our clients, as well as verbal expressions and we consider all aspects of the person and not only their spoken words. Our work is inherently relational, grounded in the therapist’s experience with her client. This experience provides a wealth of information on how the client impacts their environment.

The goal of therapy is to support our clients towards the resolution of their difficulties, which often have a relational origin – whether a traumatic experience or a relational climate preventing harmonious development.

The work ends when the client feels that she has found enough keys to leave the trajectory determined by the past. She can then finally live in harmony with herself and with her environment.

Therapy sessions are usually weekly for individuals and every two to three weeks for couples and families.

Individual therapy : 60€ per session

Duration: 50 minutes

Couple or family therapy : 120€ per session

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Our other services


Cultivate your happiness

In these “cultivate your happiness” group workshops, I lead experiential activities that have been validated by science; we also take time to debrief these experiences.
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About happiness

Interactive conferences to inspire your happiness. My flagship conference is titled « 5 practices for a happier life. » Yes, practices, not recipes.
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« Happiness Now! A Guided Journey » A personal development book that guides you through a deep reflection on how you live your life and how you could live it better.
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