The “cultivate your happiness” group workshops take place during a 3-hour time period.

The workshops are structured as follows:
  • welcoming
  • For each of three topics :
    – Experimentation
    – Scientific validation of the activity
    – Debriefing
  • Integration.
Current topics :
  • Cultivate your happiness, what’s that?
  • Cultivate your happiness when things go wrong!
  • 3 practices to keep cool.
  • Happiness at work, part I
  • Happiness at work, part II
  • Happiness at work part III

Fee : 49€ per person

Duration 3h | minimum 4 participants
The fee is waived for anyone who brings four or more people to a workshop.

Eudokima welcomes you in a quiet and peaceful place, which promotes serenity and self-care.

Businesses and organizations

For businesses and organizations, we offer interactive workshops on the theme of “Cultivate your happiness at work,” which alternate academic content and experiential activities.

This format facilitates an in-depth exploration of the topic of happiness at work which allows:

  • more fulfillment for your employees and your teams
  • stronger engagement at work
  • a context more conducive to innovation
  • a reduction of absenteeism
  • a reduction of burnout

so many indicators of Quality of Life at Work (QVT).

From a legal standpoint in France (L.4121-2 of the Labor Code), QVT refers to the obligation for the employer to prevent occupational risks, in particular psychosocial risks (RPS).

We offer different formats, ranging from an hour-long interactive presentation to a whole day of workshop, with longer workshops allowing for more comprehensive exploration and more practice, leading to better internalization by the participants of the concepts and behaviors presented.

Our flagship workshop

“Happiness at work, What, Why, How”lasts 2 hours, and can take place over lunch or at the end of the day for minimal disruption of the workday. It comprises roughly 50% content and 50% practice.

Contact us for prices.

Our other services


Therapeutic support

For individuals, couples or families who wish to explore in more depth what prevents their happiness and discover avenues to live better.
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About happiness

Interactive conferences to inspire your happiness. My flagship conference is titled « 5 practices for a happier life. » Yes, practices, not recipes.
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« Happiness Now! A Guided Journey » A personal development book that guides you through a deep reflection on how you live your life and how you could live it better.
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