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Finally Feel Authentic, Aligned and Genuinely Yourself Every Day!

For those who hold themselves to a high standard and want to just be happy without the constant search.

You are here because you want to be HAPPY!

You waste so much of your time and energy searching and searching and you can’t stand it anymore! You think of all of the times you didn’t express yourself, made yourself wrong or thought you had to be perfect. You wish you could go back and change all of those moments.

Its Time To Finally...

  • Know that you are definitely OK being you, the way you naturally are
  • Stop spending your time, energy and money looking in the wrong places
  • Learn how to weather any emotional storms that keep you from your happiness
  • Find the blocks to your happiness and know how to turn them around quickly and easily
That's Why I Created...

The "Experience Your True Happiness" Haven

You can Finally Be Your Genuine Self, Unapologetically, and Experience Your TRUE Happiness

That's Why I Created...

The "Experience Your True Happiness" Haven

You can Finally Be Your Genuine Self, Unapologetically, and Experience Your TRUE Happiness

What Happens In The Haven:

MODULE 1: Openness
MODULE 2: Introspection
MODULE 3: Clarity
MODULE 4: Acceptance
MODULE 5: Experience

In this module, we will examine your availability to your own happiness. Sometimes we look too much on the outside and with this module we will gently turn your attention inward and make sure all is aligned so that this time you can really find your TRUE happiness.

MODULE 1 includes:

  • How to find your motivation
  • Finding your commitment to you and your happiness
  • How to make your beliefs work for you
  • Finding the perseverance to keep going when the going gets tough
  • Getting ready to create your future

In this module we will roll up our sleeves and explore your life, what works, what doesn’t work and how to get more that works in support of your goals and your TRUE happiness. Module 2 contains the real foundations of your TRUE happiness. At the end of Module 2, you will have a lot of raw information about your life, how you are living it, what is working well and what leaves you desiring more.

MODULE 2 includes:

  • An audit of your health on all levels
  • Diving into your emotional reality
  • Taking stock of your relationships, your social environment
  • We will explore where you stand on spirituality and meaning.

In this module, you will take what you learned in the first two modules and I will guide you to design a clear happiness-map of your life. We will bring some creativity in this module, that is all I can say right now but this step is really cool! It will leave you with a clear view of where you are and where you want to go, in terms of your TRUE happiness! This is HUGE!

MODULE 3 includes:

  • A guided meditation
  • A creative exercise
  • A guided reflexion

So that we get information from three different sources to get to YOUR Clarity.

There is one more important step before launching into the creation of the life you love and that is to make sure you are truly on board. This is where we will check for gremlins, resistance and other barriers to your TRUE happiness. I have seen it too often, including in myself: the answer is right there and somehow an obstacle shows up. This step is important and a lot of personal development gurus don’t get this.

To check your level of agreement with what you have discovered in Module 3,

MODULE 4 includes:

  • Meditations to let your gremlins express themselves
  • Exercises to sort through the different messages of resistance
  • Visualizations to bring your gremlins along as friends
  • More exercises to tame the resistance
  • A special group call to show you that you are not alone.

You will go through several experiences involving all the areas that we explored in the first 4 Modules. Out of those experiences, you will be able to truly create the life experience that is in line with Your TRUE Happiness! We will experiment with:

  • Routines, for the morning, the evening or whatever you need them for
  • Stress-busting activities
  • Self-care practices
  • And much more!

MODULE 5 ends with your personalized plan for you to finally Experience Your TRUE Happiness. And because we are taking the time to clarify, to look inside, to make sure that you see clearly and that you can be in agreement with what you see, we can trust that the plan we come up with is the right plan for you. That is my promise to you.

Group calls: We will have group calls together twice a month, so that you can feel the support not just from me but also from a hand-picked group of peers in the program. Another important added benefit of the calls is the opportunity to see that you are not alone in your struggles!

A Facebook Community: You will be part of a private, Facebook Community where I support you and you can support one another too, in finally experiencing your TRUE happiness!

Client Testimonial

"Before The Haven, I felt, inhibited, scared, frozen in relation to others, unable to express myself, or really feel my emotions. Always trying to please, I just let the events unfold on me. Since The Haven, my relationships have improved with my mother, my brother, my partner and I am able to stand my ground. Because I feel more free, I can let others be free too. The Haven really opened up a new path for me."

Etienne Turpault Etienne Turpault

"Sonia's insights really hit home and helped me to see what I’ve been unsure of for years in a new light! With that new perspective, the change in my state and feelings about it all changed almost instantaneously. And her soothing and calm demeanor made it even more easy to allow in. I felt cared for on a deep level of my being. Thank you so much Sonia!"

Kelly Jo Murphy Kelly Jo Murphy

All the Resources to Get to Your TRUE Happiness

  • MODULE 1: Openness Assessing your Availability to your happiness
  • MODULE 2: Introspection Discovering what you really want and need
  • MODULE 3: clarity value Making sure you see where you want to go
  • MODULE 4: acceptance Getting all of you on board
  • MODULE 5: experience Creating YOUR personalized happiness plan
  • 24 breakthrough provoking calls
  • A supportive Facebook Community : PRICELESS!

Total Value: 11000€


  • A signed copy “happiness now!” a guided journey my best selling personal development book : Value €100
  • A spot in my transformative program: Value €397

And if you pay in full :

  • 5 individual booster calls with me, one per module to go deeper in that module: Value 750€

Total Value: 1247€

All That For Only 3997€!

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About Sonia Weyers

TedX Speaker

In this talk, I share with you how the feeling that my mom didn't love me had a profoudnly disturbing impact on ma life, and how forgiving here allowed me to access my TRUE happiness. You can easily find it on YouTube !
Books by Sonia Weyeers "Happiness Now! A Guided Journey" and "The Sundown of Life"


In these two books, I guide you on the path to your true happiness and the extraordinary moments of connection that you yearn for. "The Sundown of Life" is my personal account of caring for my parents during their final years. Both books are available on Amazon, you can order them from your usual bookstore and you can ask me directly if you would like a signed copy (Shipping costs apply.)

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After 15 years of my own therapy, I wanted to give back by helping people who are in emotional pain. I work with adults in individual or couples therapy and my favorite topics are • The end of life of your loved ones and grieving • Relationship issues • Your relationship to yourself • Issues related to your multiculturality • Issues in your couple