The Sundown of Life

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“The Sundown of Life”

Overcoming the Challenges and
Reaping the Rewards of Caring for
My Parents During Their Final Years


Why The Sundown of Life? To grow the movement to lift the taboo about – and restore dignity to – the inevitable end of life, and find extraordinary moments of connection in the process. To participate, join my relaunch team.

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    Sooner or later, we will all face the end of life of a loved one. The sun will go down. We hope for later rather than sooner, but no matter when it happens, it often feels too soon and too long all at once. That’s why I need your help to spread the message. 

    The approach of “The Sundown of Life”:

    This book offers a grounded no-nonsense testimonial peppered with lessons you can put to use as you navigate the end of life or YOUR loved ones.

    A personal development memoir, this book tells the story of how I found myself facing difficult situations while caring for my parents at the end of their lives. These situations sometimes unfolded much more slowly than I would have liked, and definitely too soon, but I learned to catch many rays of light before the sun went down. 

    You will find thought provoking questions and inspirational moments throughout the book. 

    Sonia Weyers - Your Happiness Guide - Eudokima

    About the author:

    Sonia Weyers, author of Happiness Now! A Guided Journey, has explored numerous paths in her personal quest for meaning in her own life. After successfully finding meaning and helping others do the same as a trained Gestalt-therapist, she faced the difficult situation of caring for her parents at the end of their life. She shared news with friends and family via email every step of the journey, and after they revealed how it impacted them, she decided to write a book about it. She desires to give others a message of hope that there is more possibility for happiness even in some dire situations. 

    While many may admire her degrees, three masters’ degrees and a PhD, they pale in comparison to her success in raising four gorgeous human beings, finding the love she wanted but never thought she could get, and loving the life she has now. When she isn’t helping clients find their own happiness, she rarely misses a workout, and she enjoys singing in a choir or two, learning new ways to live more sustainably, and spending time with her loved ones.


    Thank you for joining the relaunch team for “The Sundown of Life”!