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Caregiving is hard:

You are caring for a loved one who is declining or who has lost some autonomy and your are feeling overwhelmed, emotionally stressed or drained. 

I understand, I’ve been there myself and the numbers are staggering concerning caregivers. So I sincerely felt that a supportive community would be beneficial as caregivers often feel alone facing the daunting task of caring for a declining loved one while managing the rest of their life. I bet you recognize this in YOUR life. 

So that’s why I created Your Support Within Your Reach, and the sooner you get support, the better things will go for you in your caregiving journey so I invite you to join right now. 

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Lighten Your Heart and Mind:

You will receive support that you will be able to access from your phone, wherever you may be.

  • Your path starts in the WhatsApp group, where I welcome you to begin to know you. 
  • Then you will join the Facebook group where everything happens, after you have been welcomed. 
  • You will have access to at least one Zoom meeting per month.
  • I will offer you one new meditation per month, to face what is difficult for you, depending on what I see in the group. 

I have prepared the group so that you can find all the information to reach the support that YOU need. 

To join Your Support Within Your Reach, it’s right here:

QR code to join Your Support Within Your Reach

I look forward to supporting you on your caregiver path!

I’ll talk to you very soon. 
– Sonia.