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Happiness Now! A Guided Journey


A Guided Journey: Unleash motivation and take action to experience greater Peace, Meaning and Joy.

“Happiness Now! A Guided Journey” is a pragmatic personal development book that facilitates asking yourself essential questions.
The foreword of the book is written by Esther Wojcicki, renowned education specialist, author of “Moonshots in Education” and “How To Raise Successful People.”

Who is this book for?
If you’ve struggled with feeling down, if you want more out of life, if you have wondered how to find more happiness, you are far from being alone!  More and more people search for comfort in material goods when what they really long for is more peace, meaning and joy, to more noble goals and to a life well-lived.

The approach of the book:
This book offers a grounded no-nonsense approach, validated by hundreds of scientific studies, to guide you to figure out what is missing in YOUR life and how YOU can get into motion to remedy all this. As a therapist, and leader of happiness workshops, I have been helping people like you increase their quality of life for over 10 years.

A personalized approach:
This book offers a highly personalized approach. This allows you to integrate positive changes in your life and to inspire others with your own positive changes.

My deepest wish is that you find in this book

  • keys to broaden your perspective
  • new avenues for reflection that lead to positive changes in your life
  • the necessary inspiration to take your life into your own hands

I would love to guide you on the journey to your true happiness, I hope to surprise you!