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Group Programs

Online programs run over zoom, from my peaceful atmosphere to yours.

Experience Amplified Support

Group programs are powerful in at least two ways. I personally always find group programs valuable because there are limits to what I’m able to find in my own head …

First, there is power in a group just by virtue of being a group. It offers the possibility of broadening our perspective by offering different points of view; it also amplifies the support available and the possibility of shared experiences.

Second, there is power in the focus of a group. When a group focuses on the same objective, that serves both to really support our motivation and also to build our accountability.

In The « Experience Your TRUE Happiness » Haven, the focus is to identify the blocks to Your TRUE Happiness and ways to overcome them. To find out more about The Haven, click “LEARN MORE”

In « Let’s Get Your Future Off to a Great Start! » the focus is on making sure you agree with how you spend your time.

My other services



Together we embark on an in-depth exploration and the discoevery of avenues to live better. I welcome you individually, as a couple, or as a family
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Speaking online

About happiness

My interactive talks are designed to inspire you to the possibility of true happiness. My newest talk is titled « How to Reconcile Happiness and Uncertainty. »
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In English and In French

« Happiness Now! A Guided Journey » My first personal development book guides you through a deep exploration of how you live your life and how to live it better.
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