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Let’s Get Your Future Off to a Great Start!


Are you tired of the status quo? Are you looking for the next step without knowing how to get it?
I invite you to join “Let’s Get Your Future Off to a Great Start!” for a 4 week exploration of how you are living your life, how you want to live it and how to actually go about that.

The next opportunity is in January, we will meet for 90 minutes on Zoom on four Mondays: December 4th, 11th and 19th 2023 and January 8th 2024 at 8:30 am Pacific, 11:30 am Eastern, 4:30 pm London, 5:30 pm Paris.
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Welcome to

“Get Your Future Off to a Great Start!”

Find peace with the past and create clarity for your future, without wasting your energy on fear or regret.

Get Your Future Off to a Great Start, What do I mean by that? I mean come as you are, with your hopes, your dreams, your regrets, your sorrow, the whole thing. We will start right there, where you are and we will first take stock of the past. From there, we will look at what is important to you and create a plan for the future that you will test.

Current times are really difficult for so many people! Indeed, Covid-19 is still not gone, with all sorts of difficult consequences. Probably the most ubiquitous consequence is a heightened sense of uncertainty. A close second is a change in the personal freedom we may have taken for granted. There’s now also a war in Ukraine and Palestine, inflation and several other concerning things.

Let’s Get Your Future Off to a Great Start, shall we?

With some reflection and a few clear intentions, I know we can get your future off to a great start.

The past year has been quite unusual and has had a big impact on a lot of people. What I hear about most from my clients is the weight of a heightened sense of uncertainty. In the face of that uncertainty, let’s bring the clarity on what we can. I’m inviting you to embark on a journey. We will clarify how you’ve been living your life, how you would like to live your life and how to go about that.

I have created a 4-week online group program to help you do just that. We will meet live for 90 minutes every week and I will guide you through my process. You will bring the past to the closure it deserves and launch the future with a few empowering keys in your back pocket.

What You Get :

Most importantly, I am limiting the size of the group to so that you can enjoy the intimacy of the group and a supportive dynamic for all. For this purpose, there are only 8 spots. The group sessions will run for 1h and 30 minutes (Max 2 hours). We will meet over zoom.

We will meet live on Mondays December 4th, 11th and 19th 2023 and January 8th 2024 at 8:30 am Pacific, 11:30 am Eastern, 4:30 pm London, 5:30 pm Paris.

(Note that there is another group in French. For the times of that one, just click on the word “Français” in the menu of the site)

Does This Sound Like You?

Whether you have had a difficult past year and are a bit at a loss for how to face the future, you have had an OK year and want more for the coming one or you just want to make sure the coming year starts off in the best way possible, join me for this intimate small group experience of creating possibilities for the year ahead! A lot of the issues from the past may be coming into the future with us, but we can show up for whatever comes if we prepare.

Why I Can Help You on Your Journey !

I am Sonia Weyers, Your Happiness Guide. My purpose and mission is to empower you to experience your true happiness by guiding you to discover your keys to living in harmony with yourself and your environment. Having explored numerous paths in my personal quest for meaning in my own life and being committed to a permanent search for the best drivers of personal growth, I now put my experience and expertise at your service.

I have been a Gestalt-therapist since 2008 and I offer various personal growth and development services as well. This ensures that you are heard beyond the words, it also empowers you to be your TRUE self, unapologetically.

I hold a holistic outlook on being human and I emphasize the relational nature of our lives. I put all that at your service to guide you to Experience Your TRUE Happiness!

Let’s do this!

To join “Let’s Get Your Future Off to a Great Start!” Just scroll back to the top and “add to cart”.
I’ll see you on the other side!