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Couple’s Therapy Session: Listen And Be Listened To. (Online or in person)


Couples Therapy sessions are usually every two to three weeks. During the first appointment, we will explore what your couple is looking for by coming to see me, you will experience my modality of therapy and we will decide together if we are a good fit for ongoing sessions.

Please make sure that we have an appointment together when you pay for your session.

If your couple is struggling, I offer couple’s therapy.

I offer you my engaged listening and my caring presence. We will face – together with your couple – the difficulties you bring to me. First together we clarify what results your couple is looking for. Then, I lead you to experiment new ways of relating,  while respecting your rhythm. This will raise your awareness of your couple’s specific ways of being and doing and of the impact of all this on the life of your couple.

By intimately encountering how things are in your couple, together we will open new possibilities.

My intention for your couple is that you (re-)discover more freedom to be and hence more spontaneity and fluidity in your couple.

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