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Online Individual Therapy Session: Let’s Find Your TRUE Happiness! (Copie)


Therapy sessions are usually weekly and during the first appointment, we will explore why you have come, you will experience my modality of therapy and we will decide together if we are a good fit for ongoing sessions.

Please make sure that we have an appointment together when you pay for your session.

If you suffer from a diffuse and rather old malaise, I offer you therapeutic support.

I offer you my engaged listening and my caring presence to face – together with you – the difficulties you bring to me. I guide you, while respecting your rhythm, to raise your awareness of your specific ways of being and doing and of their impact on your life

Together we explore your experience, sometimes with practical or experiential exercises, depending on what shows up.

To intimately encounter what is, will allow us to then open new possibilities.

My intention for you is that you (re-)discover more freedom to be and hence more spontaneity and fluidity in your relationships.