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Happiness Now | The Get Foxy Show

This is an interview with Terry Fox, host of “The Get Foxy Show: Where we talk Holistic Beauty, Natural Health, and Passionate Living.

Thank you, Terry for having me as a guest on The get Foxy Show.

What is happiness and how to get more?

Terry naturally starts by asking me what happiness is. Naturally, my answer is not an absolute one-size fits all definition. Rather, I go into some of what I consider most important to find your own happiness.

We then talked about Happiness Now! A Guided Journey. the personal development book I have written. My aim in this book, as in all my services is to lead you to reveal and cultivate your happiness.

What is happiness to you? 

What about forgiveness?

This is the topic of my TedX talk Finding Happiness: How Forgiving my Mother Radically Changed my Life. Terry had watched it and we explored the links between forgiveness and happiness. They are at the same time quite simple and quite difficult.

Who might you forgive?

Practices for happiness?

Terry asked me for practices that his listeners could use for more happiness. My answer to that is two fold. On the one hand there are the things you can do to nourish yourself, such as a morning routine. On the other hand, there are practices to help manage a “crisis”. My preferred crisis-tools revolve around breathing. One of my favorite happiness-boosting activities is to spend time with people I love.

But of course, for enduring happiness, it is necessary to really examine your life and see if you are living it in a way that is conducive to your happiness.

What do you do for more happiness?

What is foxy to me?

Terry and his podcast are all about cultivating your inner fox and he asks all his guests this question. So we talked about what is foxy to me, who I see as embodying that and how to recover foxiness when it is missing. Sometimes you can jolt your foxiness with a simple practice and sometimes it is a process that can take time…

What is YOUR way of embodying your foxiness?

Thank you, Terry for a meaningful conversation.

For more tips to cultivate your happiness, read my blog or my book!

Sonia Weyers
Revealing your happiness!
Founder of Eudokima