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Happiness Now! A Guided Journey

“Happiness Now! A Guided Journey” is a pragmatic personal development book that facilitates asking yourself essential questions. 

It is available in English and also in French, under the title “Votre Bonheur Pas-à-Pas

The foreword of the book is written by Esther Wojcicki, renowned education specialist, author of “Moonshots in Education” and “How To Raise Successful People.”

Who is this book for? 

If you’ve struggled with feeling down, if you want more out of life, if you have wondered how to find more happiness, you are far from being alone!  More and more people search for comfort in material goods when what they really long for is more peace, meaning and joy, to more noble goals and to a life well-lived. 

The approach of the book:

This book offers a grounded no-nonsense approach, validated by hundreds of scientific studies, to guide you to figure out what is missing in YOUR life and how YOU can get into motion to remedy all this. As a therapist, and leader of happiness workshops, I have been helping people like you increase their quality of life for over 10 years.

Where to get the “Happiness Now! A Guided Journey”:

"Happiness Now! A Guided Journey" Paperback

The paperback is available:

  • Signed by contacting me (shipping charges depend on your location)
  • In bookstores of the fontainebleau area:
    • Footnote,” INSEAD campus, 77300 Fontainebleau.
    • La librairie“, 17 Rue de la Paroisse 19, 77300 Fontainebleau.
    • L’empreinte“, 160 Rue du Général Leclerc, 77780 Bourron-Marlotte
  • On Amazon

News about my books: 

Bookcover "Your Happiness Now! A Guided Journey"

A foreword that reaffirms the value of cultivating happiness!

Foreword by Esther Wojcicki, for Happiness Now ! A Guided Journey Since the original publishing of my book Happiness Now! A Guided Journey I have been given the wonderful addition of a foreword by Esther Wojcicki. She strongly makes the case for cultivating your happiness! I also took the opportunity to have the interior formatting match the book in French… A renowned educator, journalist and mother....
Storefront of "La Librairie" in Fontainebleau.

Booksigning session for “Happiness Now! A Guided Journey”

An afternoon at “La Librairie” in Fontainebleau. On February 9th, 2019, EUDOKIMA was at the bookstore La Librairie in Fontainebleau, which many of us had known under the name Plein Ciel, when the neighbouring market place had a completely different air, with its covered parking lot, the destruction of which drew a lot of attention! This afternoon, the attention was directed at me, Sonia Weyers,...
"Happiness Now! A Guided Journey" paperback and kindle

A book for those aspiring to REAL happiness.

Available at last: « Votre bonheur pas-à-pas ! » in paperback! After the Kindle version came out on March 20th, international happiness day, here is finally the paperback. You can order it on amazon or contact me directly for a signed copy (shipping costs will depend on your location) The foreword to the book is written by Julien Peron, Founder and director of Neo-bienêtre and...
"Votre Bonheur Pas-à-Pas" Kindle Version

Votre Bonheur Pas-à-Pas – “Happiness Now! A Guided Journey” in French

A hands-on personal development book, useful for asking ourselves a few essential questions. On International Happiness Day 2018, I am very pleased to release the French version of my book « Happipness Now! A Guided Journey » It is currently available on Amazon’s Kindle store. You can download a Kindle application on your phone or computer and don’t need to own a Kindle device to read it....
"Happiness Now!" in paperback and kindle.

Happiness Now! A Guided Journey.

I am thrilled to present to you my recently published book, “Happiness Now! A Guided Journey.” It is officially available on Kindle, in paperback and audiobook, in English and in French. Find out how YOU TOO can write a book at the end of this article.    What is in this book ? If you’re hoping to improve your life,  yearning for more peace and...