To inspire your happiness !

I am passionate about helping people find more happiness, specifically more peace, meaning and joy. Sometimes my past audiences have had specific obstacles to their happiness, such as holding grudges for past hurts or having to deal with the trials of aging or sick loved ones and sometimes my audiences just feel a need to imporve their experience of life, in general. 

So, whether you

  • feel stuck in past hurts
  • dealing with aging or sickly loved ones, or
  • simply feel that life is a little bland,

The aim of my interactive talks is to awaken in you the possibility of expressing your true happiness in all areas of your life. You will find more peace, meaning and joy in the process. 


My talks :

Reconciling Happiness and End of Life – Caring for Our Loved Ones.

45 minutes

Finding happiness: how forgiving my mother radically changed my life

45 minutes

5 practices for a happier life.

45 minutes

2020 calendar : Offline

February 1st and 2nd, 2020
"Concilier bonheur et fin de vie - accompagner nos proches."

Well-being fair in URY (France)

2020 calendar : Online

Messages of Inspiration, Hope and Support with Speakers Pathway Coalition
Facebook live
Facebook live - In French
On Facebook, with Nathalie Dahl.

2019 calendar : Offline

January 26th, 2019
"5 pratiques pour une vie plus heureuse"

Well-being fair in URY (France)

March 28th, 2019
"5 pratiques pour une vie plus heureuse"

La Taverne in FONTAINEBLEAU (France)

2019 calendar : Online

"The Get Foxy Show" - Podcast
Self-Empowerment Summit - sur Facebook

Organize a conference for your business, your clients, your non-profit, to encourage your audience to strive for more happiness within your organization!

My other services


Cultivate your happiness

I offer you various group workshops to cultivate your happiness in the face of life’s circumstances. Experiential activities, debriefing, practices but no recipes!
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Therapeutic support

I welcome you individually, as a couple or as a family, to explore in more depth what prevents your happiness and discover avenues to live better.
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« Happiness Now! A Guided Journey » My first personal development book guides you through a deep exploration of how you live your life and how to live it better.
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