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« Create your own well-being » Fair

On May 5th, Eudokima held a stand at the « Create your own well-being » fair in the Maison dans la Vallée buildings in Avon. Sonia Weyers offered signings of her book « Happiness Now! A Guided Journey » for the roughly 400 visitors of the day and presented the activities of Eudokima : happiness workshops, individual and group coaching and Gestalt-therapy.

Take charge of your happiness!

The fair brought together many practitioners of various aspects of well-being and was an excellent outing idea for anyone looking to improve their happiness or wellbeing. Even lunch was planned in according to the theme: the menu was homemade, gluten-free, vegan, and served on biodegradableplates.

A good number of body treatments were on offer (massages, foot-reflexology,…), as well as energy work (magnetism, reiki,…) Eudokima’s practice requires deliberate engagement from our clients to enter a co-created transformation process. We begin by supporting your discovery of what is in the way of your happiness, whether at home or at work: limiting beliefs, inadequate constraints that you impose on yourself or problematic relational habits; next, or possibly in parallel, we guide you through an exploration of your deep wishes and invite you to experiment new ways of being and doing. We invite you on a path of growth to flourish within your environment. This goal can be demanding, but we always respect your personal rhythm and needs.

If you aspire to more happiness and you were not able to come and see us in Avon, don’t hesitate to come and see us at the Time to Win fair, on June 14th and 15th 2018, at Fontainebleau’s Grand Parquet. You can also find our book « Happiness Now! A Guided Journey » in Kindle or in paperback (see our Publications tab).

See you soon!