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How to Reconcile Happiness and Change : On the inside

How to Reconcile Happiness and Change

On the inside

Happiness and Change, perhaps you find that weird but let’s explore together and see what we can find out about that.

So how do YOU do with change?

There are of course different types of change, changing haircuts is not the same as changing jobs or going from working in person to working online, or from being able to travel freely to not being able to do that, I’m sure you have your own examples of change!

Resistance to change: A widespread issue!

With my clients, I see a lot of issues around change and the last year and some, a lot of us saw changes we had not ever imagined possible. So for the next 6 weeks, we will be focusing on the various aspects of change and our relationship to it.

How to Reconcile Happiness and Change: On the Inside 1


This week we start with the inner aspects of change and so every day, we will go into the emotional and inner aspects of change and their link to Your TRUE Happiness.

I’m excited to start this new sequence with you!


A lot of my clients resist their inner change, what about you?

But sometimes change is what is in your best interest.


How to Reconcile Happiness and Change: On the Inside 2

Do you have reoccurring interpersonal problems, or a need for change in your routines, or someone close who is changing and you are having to adjust, skills to deal with change are really useful!

Being clear on what is important to you in your life will help you make adjustments.

So does change in your life concern your work? Your family? Your spirituality? An activity you’ve been doing?

Change doesn’t show up in the same place for everyone.

So for YOU, what is one area of your life where change is challenging?

And how do YOU personally cope with change? Your happiness may be at stake here!

I highly recommend that you write down your reflexions in your notebook!

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

This quote is funny in a way. It says that if you want to change something and you don’t like change, well, you’ve got to change your mind first. How is that for you?


How to Reconcile Happiness and Change: On the Inside 3

I invite you to look closely at your relationship to change. Do you find change hard, do you feel insecure in the face of change or on the contrary do you find change stimulating or even exciting?

Maybe you can find a change that you have had some trouble accepting and start unpacking that. What was it that made it hard to accept? What emotions does this trigger for you? Is there something you could make peace with, change your mind about with respect to this?

I hope you are writing down your reflexions in your notebook !

A video on this topic!

Regardez la vidéo pour compléter cet article.

Happiness and Change, sometimes we settle for too little.

Have you ever found yourself settling? Is it because you are afraid of going for more or do you believe that you can’t get more or are you worried about what people might think of you if you go for more.

How to Reconcile Happiness and Change: On the Inside 4


Life is a complex experience made of many moving parts so I’m not suggesting at all that you should go for the great in all aspects of your life at once.

But what areas of your life are most important to you? And do you settle in those areas?

That’s it for today but until next week for the vast topic of How to Reconcile Happiness and Change.

We will pursue our exploration from a different angle.

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See you soon for more!


Sonia Weyers
Your Happiness Guide
Founder of Eudokima


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